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Alae Residential Design LLC believes that global warming is a serious environmental risk and   we make reducing home energy consumption a priority.  Alae Residential Design designs homes that:

  • Effectively use functional space for smaller footprint building
  • Optimize thermal enclosure with comprehensive air sealing, properly installed insulation and high-performance windows
  • Heat, cool and dehumidify with well-designed and energy efficient mechanical systems
  • Use energy efficient appliances and lighting
  • Utilize sustainable and renewable energy sources

 Alae Residential Design Commitment 

Alae Residential Design’s custom home designs are informed by the home’s setting, our commitment to energy efficient home design, and our client’s needs, preferences and budget requirements.

Alae Residential Design embraces the land use regulatory challenges that shorefront construction presents. Alae Residential Design are specialists at navigating the zoning compliance hardships of shorefront construction, remodeling, steeply sloping lots, boat houses, docks and beach areas. Alae custom designed homes can make your waterfront home  vision a reality through achieving zoning compliance by making non conforming  buildings more nearly complying.

Alae Residential Design helps clients connect with qualified builders, who deliver quality construction, within the client’s budget and time constraints.  And, Alae Design is available throughout the construction process, to answer and help resolve any questions that may arise for its clients and builders.

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Member BNI Riverside Referrals